Face Fit Testing

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Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) must provide the necessary level of protection from harmful contaminants in the air and provide an effective seal against hazardous conditions such as dusts, gases, vapours or fumes  that are above expected workplace exposure standards.

To ensure that this is the case, workers are required to have their equipment fit tested by qualified personnel before use. A poor fitting mask can lead to poor protection, which will expose workers to harmful contaminants.

Baxter Compliance will work with you to ensure that your RPE is up to the required standards.

Face Fit Training

Baxter Compliance can help train staff to recognise the necessity of ensuring a good fit on various types of protective RPE. Training shall include respirator use, donning, fit check, cleaning, storage and disposal.

A fit test record will be provided at the end of the training, which is valid for one year.

Face Fit Testing, Perth

Face Fit Service

Protect your employees by ensuring that their protective equipment is suitable for purpose and sufficient to protect them from harmful contaminants in the air.

Let Baxter Compliance carry out a face fit service for all employees who use RPE.

Face Fit Training Perth

Face Fit Training

Provide your employees with the correct tools and knowledge to protect themselves when working in hazardous conditions. 

Demonstrate that your company is dedicated to creating a positive Health and Safety culture and you are concerned with their well-being.

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